Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hi fiance..

Finally everything is over... Kalau nak gambar, have to wait for my fiance (still not getting use to it) to upload some of the pictures.

Dedicated to all my beloved relatives, cousins and friends, thank you so much for helping me out on my day. Your contribution are much appreciated. Sorry i dint mention your name cos im afraid i may left somebody.

But whatever it is, today is the day that i may never forgotten, meeting some of my close friends from primary school until university era, it such a reunion besides my family. Minta maaf sebab mira mengaku tak semua mira jemput, serba salah jugak dibuatnya. But insyaAllah, next time on my big day, this thing will not happen. Hope you understand..

p/s Dod is in hospital rite now. Wishing that i can visit her..

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