Friday, August 06, 2004

Certainly it is beyond my control

For the first time ever, im blogging in my office. Quite depressing, because there are no privacy ( we have to use public computer if we want to be online).. As i am still new, im not comfortable with this situation.

Yerp, working spoil my agenda in August. I told you before that August is my blogging day but working, ruin everything. Ok, i enjoy working here but first thing in my "to-do-list" is adapting myself towards this environment and try to mix with other staff. Honestly, its pretty hard for me especially i have to teach myself to keep my mouth shut. Pendiam defintely is not Amira. Forget bout my job first.

Yerp yerp yerp, tomorrow is THE DAY and guess what, i dont feel any nervousness yet. Tak tau laa kenape, maybe im too buzy for the preparation and starting my new life in working. But im sure, esok mesti risau nyer..

Yesterday, i had a luch date with Sharmeen. Never meet her after standard six. She still looks the same except for, now she is covering her head with tudung. Went to Secret Recipies and met someone. Sape meen erk? :p Secret Recipies will have another loyal customer - Sharmeen.. huhuh Anyway, we met Ghazi, also, i never meet him after standard 6. Had a nice day with both of them especially Sharmeen.

At night, sedara mara came over to our house to see our preparation. Thanks. Teh, the third cousin of mine pun datang and accompanied her, Masterq and Ida. What a surprised visit but we dint chit chatted for so long since i have to fetch my sister and they were rushing to fetch Baity at Putra Station.

Anyway, enough for now.. Hope im in good conditon tomorrow..

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