Friday, August 27, 2004

August 2004

So many things happen in August, and its nearly two weeks after my last post. Nooo, im not busy, but only I don't have time to write. I have plenty time during office hours, but only I am not feeling contented to type because of several reasons:

1 - using windows '95 (no java function etc)
2 - avoid my students, boss, officemate track my blog
3 - Monday - Wednesday (comes home around 10pm, too exhausted for blogging)

August 2004 means a lot to me, this is the month that

1 - I get engaged
2 - I started working
3 - met a few close friends and have a chance to hang out together
4 - I have graduated
5 - Being matured

For #1, it was one of the happiest day in my life, again, it is one step closer to my LOVELY day. I have talked more about it before this, so lets full stop talking about engagement. For #1 event I manage to list #3. Most of my closest friend gathered at my house happily celebrating the day. Thanks all. To noris, nadia, bonzer, shukoq, farina, kak b, fitri, wan, and others, deep in my heart I REALLY REALLY wanted to invite everyone, but I could not. Seriously, im not forgetting u guys... hope u can understand my situation..

#2, I started working at ******** College ******. My colleagues are very friendly and helpful but something happen to me. It is quite hard for me to adapt to this new environment although they welcomed me. Mole at the right corner of my lips is not a promise that I am a talkative. But day to day, I tried to show my true color.. heheh, now its getting nearer... :D

#4 yeahh!!!!!! I dah konvo.. so proud to be UTP graduates. Seriously, I do enjoyed UTP 4th Convocation Day because:

1 - Tun Dr. Mahathir bagi scroll
2 - My family were there, although my dad was really sick that time.. Thanks Baba
3 - My Dearie was there being our driver :). I dint expect I graduate with "tunang orang" title
4 - graduated with my fave Cousin Iryani Bt Lob
5 - Being away from the contract for a while
6 - Helped Nolee mission heheh

But the most meaningful happens in August is #4. I was too depressed thinking about the contract and the burden that I had to go through. Dearie said, "Think carefully, everyone's surround you loves you, we don't want u to make a mistake". Day by day, I was in pressure, either sign or not to sign and finally, after talking two times with the Director, I decided to sign the contract. 24th August 2004, I go insane. The admin asked me about the contract, I just walked out from the office, punch my card and went straightly to the shopping mall nearby. Feeling too depressed, I called, my bestest friend Hana, and I really touched what she had done for me. Straightly she came and ready to listen and control my emotion. At last, I felt so relieved that at last someone supported me to sign the contract. After having the evening class, both Baba and Dearie fetched me, hehe, Dearie was sending the message but I was so dumb to understand anything. Miscommunication occurred because of ME. But, at the end of day, everything went smoothly. Thanks Mama, Baba, Dearie and Hana. You are with me, when I need you.

Now... I sooo happy, everything is over!!!

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