Sunday, August 01, 2004


Before I proceed, 1000 apologizes because I am too lazy to continue my ramblings on Friday. Find difficulties in remembering the chronicle events on that day. But that day was ***** especially I have to wait for two hours for the interview. At first, I thought I just want to quit for the job but the position is what I am looking for. Ok, I can't elaborate that long since they will become my employer very soon.

Today, my day start at 12 pm, heheh, common, give me a chance since I have to start work tomorrow. (That was also the reason I gave to my mum). Glued on tv until Melodi finished, then only I took my shower. Considered of having my lunch, but makcik told me, baba bought sotong (my fave food), and straightly I decided to cook. As usual, when I see belacan, I must add in my cooking although sometimes it is not suitable to add belacan. Yeah, I love the smell of belacan.

After Asar prayer, we (Mama, Baba, Ika and I) went to visit Cik Yah at her hostel. We usually brought some food for her and we will eat together at her school. Right after that, we went to Ampang Point to try out my baju. I wonder, if I had the body like a model, maybe I will look even prettier. Opss opss, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

We just shop around to see what Ampang Point offered. Mama cant stop saying, "Ampang Point is better than The Mall" every now and then. Yesterday, we went to The Mall but got caught in the traffic jam for more than one. It is definitely not worth to go there because we could not find the bakul. (The day before, I went to Mid Valley and found one shop that sell this bakul. Then, the salesgirl suggested me to go to The Mall because I can have a lot of choices.)

Suddenly, my wild eyes stopped at one section in one shop. Yes, this is the one my mum looking for and this is the one who cause my ankle sprained. Right away, I told my mum and of course we entered the shop. My mum bought two bakul and both of us laughed all the way until we went into the car. Susah-susah cari satu KL rupenye ade dekat Ampang Point je. Tu lah, gajah depan mate tak nampak, tapi semut yang jauh tu lah kite sibuk cari.

Sampai kat rumah, Ika had given me one sincere comment that I really really really don't want to hear that make me afraid to wear the baju. Hmm, children never lies..

At night, spent my time watching Konsert Sure Heboh and at 10pm I forced my sister to switch to Malaysian Idol. Hehe. Glad that Jac make it to the next round. Guess what, Ika borrowed my dad’s mobile phone and she voted for Hana. But unfortunately, she did some errors so the vote could not be counted. Baba only noticed when he received a SMS but it was from Malaysian Idol. Baba really thought it was me, but rupe-rupenye budak kecik tu. Bukan satu die hantar, adalah dalam 3-4 SMS. I dint teach her OK, even I also dunno she sent the vote. Hai budak-budak zaman sekarang advance betul..

Ok, cant wait to see what happen tomorrow..

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