Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday's story

Yes, today I am so exhausted but at least I went home with a big smile. Went shopping with Dearie from afternoon till night. Although visiting one outlet to another along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman until Masjid Jamek its quite tiring, but at least the burning calories giving me more energy to shop. Ya, its like a symbiosis relationship, when you are feeling so tired because of exercising, then amazing thing will cheer you up. BURNING calories - although it is only a portion of the sum of the calories, but the truth is, 1/10 vanished.

Yeah, when I went to Pertama Kompleks, we went to this food stall. At first, I ordered one waffle, but suddenly we changed our mind, so we were asking for two waffles. This lady, I assumed she understood what I was saying because she kept asking me for several times the same question "Adik nak satu coklat dengan satu peanut kan?" Then she gave me one packet of waffle, and with puzzled looked, I asked her, where is another one, and then this lady, suddenly started blabbing at me and gave me an irritating looked. Some of my friends know that I couldn't stand to face this type of people. So, mira pun tertinggikan suara. Then, another lady came towards us and said sorry although I am pretty sure she doesn't know what was happened - I guess she is the owner of the stall. She said to this lady, that CUSTOMER is always right. Mmm, apelagi membebel la pompuan tu.

Ok, bukan nak besarkan cerite. Mira tak kisah pun kalau kene tunggu untuk satu lagi waffle. Setakat waffle ape lah sangat nak tunggu kan. Yang mira geram sangat care die cakap and care die layan. Kene bebel tak pasal-pasal, tanye berpuluh kali macam dah paham soalan kite, mane laa mira tak naik angin, orang nak beli makanan, nak kasik laku jualan die, bukannyer nak curi. Nasib baik ade Em suruh mira slow down sikit suare. If it not because of the good and polite owner and Em, mira akan tinggalkan je waffle tu.

The story ended there. Then after a long day of shopping, we stopped at Medan Selera Melawati for our dinner. Dalam banyak-banyak gerai tu, saje pilih gerai makan yang ade karaoke. The reason is, that gerai has so many customers. I followed this tip - A restaurant with many customers, it means that the foods is quite delicious.

Sorang demi sorang menyanyi, and biaselah group anak mude memang suke mengusik. They pretend that they are the judges of the event. Every time a person finished singing, these youngsters will comment on their performance. "Bang, suare dah bagus, tapi pitching lari", "Kak, tone kene jage sikit erk"

What it proves here? Lambakan program tv yang memaparkan mengenai nyanyian sebenarnye meningkatkan pengetahuan penonton tentang industri muzik. Memang pemuda-pemuda tu saje nak buat lawak, but at least they know the terms of pitching, tone and etc. Even I, the influence of Who Will Win program, increase my knowledge about vocal. Compared to other tv program, "diction, tone, pitching, falsetto, vibrato, breathing" are clearly defined. So, from there, we know that some of the singers although they are popular but they are not a good singer? Siape yer?..:?

p/s Thanks Dearie for your contribution :D.. i really appreciate that

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