Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Some notes..  

  • Baru je tak update beberape hari, blog dah ade new look again. But this one is more user friendly than before. Good, it is just on time when i want to insert more colors, then came this user-friendly toolbars. If not, i  need to use the html coding and it took ages to complete one entry :) Congrats Blogger
  • It seems that i received quite a number of sms lately :) someone has just spread the news. but I dont mind at all, bende baik buat ape nak sorok kan. But i am sooo sorry because i dont have enough credit to reply "Thank you for the wishes"
  • Najua called me this morning and told me all the procedures to submit the ESU form. Hai, dah habis belajar pun susah jugak erk nak lepas. Also, she told me that UTP 4th convocation will be held on 22nd august. Thanks Najua.
  • Last Monday, my Dearie and i watched King Arthur and i rated this movie at 4.5 stars. Bravo to Lancelort because of his loyalty for a true meanig of friendship. Guinevere, she stands the role to show a GIRL power
  • Last but not least, cant wait for the Mega Sales Carnival this weekend because i have to buy alot of things......

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