Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Self Satisfaction

What cert can do to ensure our job satisfaction? Sometimes, what we had learnt in the university is not useful to our current job. One's can blame themselves for choosing the wrong course, but speaking about me, no regrets for taking IT. My education opens unexpected doors and I decided that I would use this pathway to my advantage although there are thousands jobless IT students.

I enrolled in UTP because it was my first offered to pursue my degree program and to be frank; I have no interest towards my course. For 18 years, my ambition was to be a doctor but it turned to be more specific when I had to wear braces. Orthodontic was my choice for four years.

Later on, the more depth I learn about IT, the more I am into it.
Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Again, my ambition started to change. Looking back at my results, proudly to say I am good in analysis and that is why System Analyst becomes more practical. But after I graduated, I found out that System Analyst needs experience people rather than a fresh graduate. Hmm..

Lecturer. I am not sure where and how the idea to be a lecturer crossing my mind. I presume teaching runs into my family and people surrounding me. *wink*. Guess what, I only applied for lecturer position although I understand master qualification is an added advantage. Anyway, I just try my luck, hoping one of the college will consider my resume. InsyaAllah.

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