Saturday, July 31, 2004

PENAT teramat...

When was my last post? Wait, wanna check it out. 28 July, meaning it was 4 days back considering now is already 1.31 am on 1st of August. Actually, there were a lot of stories I wanted to share but the time constraints plus I was so exhausted after a long day, forbid me to write. Why I was so damn exhausted?

Thursday - 29 July 2004

Report duty is essential for PETRONAS scholar after we have completed our study. It is our responsibility to inform them that we have graduated from our U. Therefore, we need to go to Education and Sponsorship Unit (ESU) at Level 9, KLCC after we received our final examination result. At first, I have planned to go with Ida and Lynn but unfortunately on that day, I need to sit for an interview. Since Lynn has came along the way from Sungai Petani, and she was on her way to Malacca, so I did not want to spoil her program. I cancelled my date with them and Ida suggested an alternative to go with Erna and Lin on Thursday.

I called Erna and we promised to meet in front of BCB around 10 am but again, I have to cancel the planned. No transportation to go there. Yeah, I can use Putra but to go there, I must find a cab since my mum did not allow me to walk to the bus stop. The problem occurred, no cab at that time. Since I was already late, so terpakselah.

I called my mum and she said she only can fetch me after lunch hour and I decided to complete everything by today. Bile masuk kereta, my mum already has her own planned, she wanted to go to Great Eastern Mall to show me bakul-bakul for hantaran. We spent around 1 hour, then only I managed to go to ESU. Sampai je sane, tak sampai 5 minit I'm done. At the lobby, I met Erna and we chatted for a while, tetibe ternampak Kak Zah. I stopped her and she was surprised to see me. Oh, she is one of the staff at the department during my internship program. A lot of stories she told me and oh no, I really missed them.

Since it was too early to wait for 6 pm, so ape lagi, jalan-jalan tepi tingkap lah to kill the time. Could not find the similar bakul that my mum is looking for. Dua kali pusing Suria, 6 pm is too long to be reached, I went to Ampang Park. After tawaf, I found the bakul at the top floor but the shop was locked but the light was still on. Called the owner (she put a note on the door) and she said her staffs were inside. I walked to the shop again and knocked the door several time but nobody answered. Quite disappointed because I was hoping to give some info to mama. Actually I went to Ampang Park to taste the prawn buger and for me, it is delicious. Yerp, just give me any seafood, I'm Loving It. Sebelum balik, I called the owner again. She persuaded me to meet her but SORRY you just lost one customer.

At 6pm, mama ambik. We stopped at one shop in Taman Seri Rampai to survey and compared prices for hantaran stuffs. Result : Cheapest but limited choices. We did not buy anything since we have not decided the theme yet. Before reaching home, stopped at Advanco to Xerox. Malam, tolong makcik kemas rumah ape yang patut. Letih but I still could not miss to watch Fear Factor although the next morning I have the third interview in PJ.

Opss, I think it is too long to continue on Friday's Diary. I shall continue tomorrow.

p/s This month, I try not to miss any days of blogging . Hehe..

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