Saturday, July 03, 2004

Malaysian Idol

malaysian idol

Did u watch malaysian idol for the last couples of week? hehe mesti banyak yang nak cite kan pasal malaysian idol ni. We can see that thousand peoples out there are excited to be star. Many reasons contribute to this fever, some may want to be a star, famous, glamour, but looking at the show just now, most of them seek for a power.. hmmph.. and even a woman...

Whatever the reasons are, malaysian idol is to find an idol who has the x-factor (that was what the judges keep saying). Plus, they want to find someone who can beat Fantasia Berrino in WOrld Idol..

Through Malaysian Idol, it attracted thousand entries from all walks of life and it has been recorded as the first singing contest who attracted most entries in The Malaysian Book of Records. The first audition held in Penang, followed by Kuching, JB and the last destination was in KL.

Well, to date, until now, honestly, (based on the showcase) i love to hear one contestant from sarawak who has the marvellous voice. Some extraordianry talented Malaysian actually performs ridiculuos in front of the judges and malaysia. haha...

But, from here, we can value the attitudes of Malaysian. Some of them really can accept their fate that they are not chosen but some dont. From sarawak, we could see, one girl really defend herself as the talented singer and mengamok when she was not choosen. hmmph..

And today, the KELANTAN born, mengamuk jugak. He raised the issues why one contestant can have a chance to go for the second audition. Actually, what he did was right but the way he acted was totally wrong and immatured. Ok. fullstop for that.

Anyway, as long as we are talking about reality tv in malaysia, this is the first time, the contestents are going to deal with such criticism. One question, why these people are brave enough to be humiliated in front of malaysian audience? Bukan sikit beribu willing to do that. But in class, why only A FEW students are the active student in class? hmmph..

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