Sunday, July 25, 2004

Its Saturday

Mega Sales Carnival is back and this time I am really looking forward to swim in the crowd of people to purchase and grab some stuff because this SALES is different compared to previous year. Oh, that reminds me, I am lupe daratan, Anyway, the reason because my beloved mama is supporting me. *wink*.

We went to KLCC just now, and as I predicted earlier, women is the busiest people on earth. From clothes to households, they tend to monopoly every single space occupied and salesgirl/man has to really work hard to entertain them. Hey, it is not that easy especially when they need to confront fussy customer. And as usual, KLCC is the meeting place for tourists from all over the world. Although today is only the first day of the Carnival but I guess the objective has been achieved particularly in promoting our tourism and increased our economy.

Speaking of us (
Mama and me), we finally got what we want and really satisfied with it. Good brand with a good price except for a glass of water. Why there are no discounts for drinks, at least 10%? Even when I was doing my internship program there, I hardly bought a drink because I can get it free upstairs. Why must I am wasting my RM2.00 every day for a glass of water if can get it for free, right? :)That was one year back story..

Baba brought back some durians from Segamat and we reallyyy ate it and now I felt my body is burning. Dah lame tak pekene durian, sekali dapat makan, syedapppp!! I bet my Dearie sure jealous sebab die hantu durian :D Sorrylaa.. orang yang sibuk kursus tak leh join :D..

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