Tuesday, July 06, 2004

EURO is over

Finally EURo 2004 has come to the end and Greece is now preparing to celebrate their heroes soon. It's not a dream. Greece are the champions! Charisteas's goal made eleven million Greeks the happiest nation in the world. It is a good start for the host of the Olympic 2004 as it will boost the spirit of sportmanship among the Greek athletes.

Greek win was the final twist in a tournament in which the big guns failed to fire. They started the game by beating Portugal, and later own they has create an upset result to Spain, France and Chezh.

Some of the observer commented that, it is easier to manage a team without a star player. But whatever it is, the morale story that should be highlighted is, "DONT AFRAID, TRY YOUR BEST AND BELIEF IN YOURSELF".

Aha, there were tears in Lisbon on Sunday. A man tears - Ronaldo and Pauleta, (hey guys, u already did the best for your country) and of course, they are tears from Greek too. Tears of joy and happiness.

Above all, my bedtime schedule will be back to normal!! That was what im waiting for.. Last but not least, as i predicted, congratulation to Zagorakis,the inspirational captain.. he has been announced as the man of the match.

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