Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Until now, I am not sure what keeps me blogging. Yeah, after all, I have to admit that blogging makes me more relax because it expressed everything from my computer brain. I once, got very upset when my previous blog being hacked by someone, it was just like erased all my memories. Getting irritated and disappointed, I nearly make a choice not even to browse at any blog page. But later on, when I found out that emmira was available, quickly I made a decision to continue blogging. Although I know that nobody is reading this blog regularly, but I am hoping in 10 years time, I can read back all of my entries and see how each of the entry reflect my grown up.

How the colors go? Yeah, my life is getting
more colorful and exciting, and I guess you know why. So these colors represent how my feeling goes. Kind of panicked and at the same time tak sabar to get all things out of my head. Ha-ha. Cannot elaborate more as it only the 2/3 stage before entering the new world..

p/s -
Dearie is not online and off his handset today. Why?

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