Saturday, May 15, 2004

Research paper is over, I bet there were the BIG sigh from us, the paper is not that hard (still, I am not confident) but it requires more time to complete it. I just hope there is a miracle to turn my answers into how the Grade A student's answer it.

More ramblings from me after the research paper. And today is TV time from me because I have been glued to TV from 9 till 1 am. Starting from Bintang HMI, then American Idol, then switch to Parent Trap, then Survivor and from time to time I watched the Thomas Game between Denmark and Indonesia. I am positive that Malaysian player able to win during quarter final, but luck comes into play. Who expect Roslim Hashim lost his matched for 12 minutes? Who expect the young K.K. Koo played beyond our expectations?

Lets forget on how Roslin has disappoint us with his BAD BAD BAD performance. It is so embarrassing for such professional player obviously did not show his commitment and spirit during the game. Lets talk about some THING - K.K. Koo has caught our attention. What I could say, Yap Kim Hock and Misbun Sidek should take care of him as he has a very promising future and will be a good player one day since he is still young and has a better future to carry on. He has the potential especially in the stifling quarter-final against hosts and defending champions Indonesia, in which he overcame a nervous start to have an outstanding match. So, hopefully the BAM giving him a chance in exposing him for the future tournament where his skills can be sharpen.

Oh ya, Survivor All Star comes to the end as I predicted earlier, Amber wins the Soul Survivor title. She is so beautiful with the I-Love-Rob Tshirt and that was memorable tribal council when Rob proposed Amber before the announcement. Although Rob has backstabbed most of the juries, but again that is the rule of the game. -The Best Man Wins- For me, Rob deserved to win as he played with strategies and he wins most immunities challenge. But again, Amber wins.

p/s - Looking forward to watch Survivor without any betrayer, backstabber etc. I mean the clean version of Survivor.

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