Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day especially dedicated to my mum. Selamat Hari Ibu juga kepada seluruh ibu di dunia. Johnson & Johnson ads is the best advertisement describing your mum for this year. It quotes your mum as "bantalku, keretaku, restorenku and segalanya" which definitely is true. Without your mum, we can not be what we are having now because doa mak is the best doa for us.

To describe my mum, yerp my mum is one of the super hero in the world, she can do all jobs in one time. As a student (she still study), as a lecturer, as a mother of seven, as a wife, as a daughter (last time, before my arwah opah passed away, she's the one taking care of my opah) and as grand daughter (and taking care of my nenek too until now). Its not that easy to handle a lot of responsibilities at one time.

In my previous website, I have written something about my mum and last month I have written one essay about my mum. Actually that essay I wanted to submit for one of Mother's Day Contest. Since I had written it earlier, so I just saved it in my computer and unfortunately I have forgotten about the essay and when I realized, the submission date is over. Anyway, I am not regret at all, as long as my mum still besides me through sorrow and pain, sweet and bitter :).. I love you MAMA..

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