Monday, April 19, 2004



This hacking thing really teaches me something, to be more careful, cautious and alert. Before this I do admit that I took for granted the security inside my computer. I rarely update my virus definition and scan my computer. So I could not blamed 100% to this hacker, there's a hole that give the opportunity to him/her in accessing my account.

Past is past, here I would like to share some tips although this might be too common for you but at least I could give some reminder to you. First, don't forget to update your virus definition regularly and scan your computer.

Secondly, here I found something NEW for me. It's a SpyWare. SpyWare are the evil programs that hide on your computer and make violence to our computer without our knowledge. It steals information inside our computer such as credit card, number, email address, addresses, surfing habits and etc.

Not only it steals our information but also popup/under ads to you, spam your inbox, slows down your computer and crash your computer (this should be the scariest thing rite?). So to kill this SpyWare, we should download SpyKiller that will remove SpyWare, AdWare. KeyLoggers, browser Hijackers and MalWare. It's a free download but only for 30 days, so I strongly recommend you to try this software..

Above is my result after I scanned for six hours. No wander laa I kene teruk.. :)

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