Saturday, April 17, 2004

My New life begins..

Yerp, this is my new blog, welcome and make yourself easy… mmm well, to tell u the truth I really miss my old blog -, I was thinking why its happened to me. Am I that bad.. oh ya, I dint tell you what has happened this week. I could say that my patient is being tested.

Last week, my yahoo account was being hacked.. and that person deleted all my messages.. its enough to make me so miserable, my job offered were there, my unforgettable mails and it was all gone. I then changed my new password and applied "Choosing a Good Password" but..

This week is quite strenuous for me and the rest of UTP's final year student because we have to submit final draft. Last Thursday, when I was trying to comfort myself, I browsed to my blog, and suddenly the layout is changed and it wrote BLAH LAA… how sad to see that. Then, when I tried to log in to yahoo messenger, again, I cant log in.. I tried to use the same method when I retrieved back my password last week but I failed to do so. And with my instinct, I checked my username status and my account have been deleted and it so happened to my blog and hotmail account. Im totally thwarted and tears running down to my cheek. Its perplexed me, am I that bad until I have to face this..

Imagine all your account have been deleted and your website no longer belong to you. The worst part was the hacker knows all of your personal information. How do you feel? Your security? Your privacy? But, alhamdulillah, when I called my mama and baba, it really motivates me and builds up my confidence again. Thanks mama, thanks baba..

Em's blog also has been deleted. To this person, if I did something wrong to you, can you please not involving anyone else? Its my fault and im the one who should be blamed.

I really hope that was the last time im in this messed. I have changed my mail and etc with different password and different user ID. If this person still can track me, its mean that this person really hates me.. to this person.. im sorry if I have done something to you which im not sure what it is..

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