Sunday, April 18, 2004

Love Letters

It was box of Julie's biscuits that its so irresistible for me. Wherever when I sit in front of computer, my hands cant stop from opening the box and automatically helps me to eat Julie's love letter. I wonder why they name it as love letters, it could be as "roll biscuits" "newspaper biscuit" or etc. So I browse to this website and found out why it has been name as love letter. Click here if you want to know the history.

Love letters are not only made for commercial but it also represents the cross-cultural cookies. Not only during Hari Raya but also Chinese New Year and Deepavali; the same is true of muruku and ghee biscuits, once Indian specialties. Don't put yourself into conclusions, we should not direct ourselves to Chocolate or Strawberry Love Letters, remember in Malay and Chinese traditional food, we have the yummy Kuih Kapit. It also can be categorized as Love Letters.

But here in Malaysia, usually, Chocolate and Strawberry Love Letters is a must for any supermarket. Actually, it has a lot of flavours such as vanilla, coffee and coconut but we hardly seen this products in Malaysian market.

The main point here is, my favorite biscuit has finished since yesterday. Need to buy the new one so I have something to soothe me while I was busy in front of computer. Emm.. tomorrow is a public holiday for Perak and tomorrow my dearie will start his new job.. All the best dear!!

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