Saturday, April 24, 2004

FYP Presentation

Mira siap2 before present. For more..

Network in UTP going wild again and the virus is spread out – I think. Consequences, Internet is down for almost a week. Actually, I don't know this server address but thanks to Ani for revealing this secret. I really appreciate it since I need to give this notebook to Em.

It always happened when I was damn eager to update my blog, network down. But its ok, at least I can really concentrate doing my FYP without any interruption. Talking about FYP, alhamdulillah, we (UTPian final year student) have completed our first phase of presentation and we are one step closer to become a graduate student. For me, everything is going fine and I was enjoying myself during the presentation especially not presenting in front of the two-unseparated lecturers. :)

Thanks to my dearie Em for his work. Terima kasih bebanyak. I'm not sure what my product would be without his help. Why I said that. Here are his contribution to my FYP 1- he did my proposal report, 3 proposals need to be submitted, and everything was his ideas, and the SMS topic was selected.. 2 – he did the flowchart architecture of my products 3 – developed the prototype 4 – came to UTP frequently to complete my system and not only that he teaches me. 5 – forced me to learn the modem programming and I gained more knowledge especially understand in depth the Visual Basic + pushed me to buy the GSM modem. :p Heloo, I also need to do because im the one who will present the end product. Takde laa I nak serahkan 100%, tak pasal2 kantoi laa. Not only he helped me, but also helping Ujie and Ifa and be consultant too to Ain and Achique. Thanks again dear..

Mama & Baba, thanks for your motivation, I only know that motivation is really important when we are facing hard time. Lately, I admit that I love to call my mum, chit chatting with my mum and giving her a fully report of my day. Hehe.. Oh, not to forget to all UTP Jan 2000 thanks for your friendship and helping me out too.. discussion and giving support to each other.. ee banyak laa, feeling like im doing acknowledgement page.. :) ok.. click here to see

p/s thanks to Nadia for your help in confirming my

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